Wealth Management

Alternative Investment management platforms


iArgento offers two major alternative investment management platforms in the form of hedge funds established as limited partnerships.


The funds are conservative and combine tradable and non-tradable assets.

  • iArgento Fix - Income Fund

  • iArgento Digital Assets

iArgento provides wealth management services on two different levels:


Financial Planning

In iArgento, we map out our client's financial needs and see them through the financial planning process from advisory to implementation stages. The company provides a comprehensive range of investment products and wealth solutions to create a portfolio adapted to our customers' needs and in line with their risk profile.


We are committed to assisting our clients to build financial assets for the future by identifying goals, objectives, and risks, and by implementing an optimal investment outline.

Wealth Management

Private Equity Banking

iArgento Angels Fund

Limited partnerships



Alternative Investment Management platforms

iArgento Fix-Income Fund

VC Fund - iArgento Growth Tech-Fund







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