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Investment Banking Division 

We believe Israeli innovation is your bridge to a sustainable future. Israeli startups are creating some of the most ground breaking technologies that will make the world a cleaner and safer place to live. 

It is well known Israeli technology is often birthed from Israeli military intelligence units. For Yiftach and Shai, the Israeli military is part of their identity, and it’s often through these connections we are able to network with top founders and investors. Shai currently serves in the IDF Reserves and Yiftach is a war hero from the Yom Kippur War and a nephew of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.  

We believe sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. That's why we invest in green technologies that provide positive social and environmental impacts by creating cleaner local communities and decreasing the carbon footprint.

iArgento offers its clients

three different paths of investment:​

First Milestone Fund

Designed for investors (Angels) willing to commit to an annual fixed investment.


The continuity enables the diversification of the investment in several projects. With this fund, iArgento can deploy capital quickly to projects when they need it. This is far more efficient than raising capital only after startups announce their fundraising rounds. 

Limited partnerships

Integrates private investors into a platform conceived to invest in the target companies on their behalf.


A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is established for each company and each round of funding.

High Tech Assets

In 2021, iArgento created an investment fund in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (IARG). This fund offers investors a more liquid option for investing in Tel Aviv high-tech startups. Currently, the fund is comprised of three companies: Ayyeka, Tuqqi, and Zooz Power (formerly Chakratec).

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