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Digital Assets

A unique investment fund that operates in the online commerce and internet worlds


During the past decade, e-commerce has become an integral part of the global retail sector. In the next decade, the global e-commerce market is projected to double as increased internet usage and technological advancements continue to facilitate growth in the e-commerce world.

iArgento Digital Assets Fund created a unique investment channel in the area of digital retail. The fund exposes private investors to various verticals in this growing market, and gives them the opportunity to invest in areas typically not open to the public.

iArgento Digital Assets Investment Fund’s operations are divided into four primary investment channels:

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E-Commerce Stores


We will seek to purchase digital stores built on major e-commerce platforms such as Ebay or Amazon. We will then inject capital into the business in order to improve management, marketing, and efficiency. This will increase sales and the company's net worth. 


Digital Shops

An investment strategy by which a partial or full purchase of the holding percentages of an online shop is executed. The new monies injected into the shops will lead to an improvement in management and efficiency with the intention to benefit from the cash flow generated by the shops, from the increase in the asset’s value, and from the maximization of their business potential.

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Content Websites


An investment strategy for high-traffic content websites. Content websites draw readers and users to the advertising spaces on the website with the intention of creating a steady revenue channel.

Proper management of the website and streamlining will lead to the maximization of this specific revenue channel. As investors, we benefit from the increasing cash flow, and from a future sale of the holdings in the website.

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iArgento Managed Stores


iArgento is working to develop digital storefront selling commonly used goods and services. Profits from these stores will reflect directly in the funds growth. The fund will also benefit from potential exits of these digital stores. 

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