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Energy Storage 

EV Vehicle Fast charging


Chakratec's kinetic electricity clean energy storage system enables unlimited high power charge and discharge cycles.


Through the company's Kinetic Booster Technology, the company is able to facilitate the deployment of ultra-fast EV charging stations without the need to update weak power grids.

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IIoT - Internet Of Things 

Ayyeka’s field asset intelligence solution provides full visibility, real-time alerts, and decision-making insights from infrastructure systems: water and sewage systems and gas and oil networks, 


Ayyeka's technology enables remote system control and monitoring, optimizes performance, minimizes maintenance costs, prevents crises, and enables unprecedented optimization of utility services.

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The Future of Work

A digital platform based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) for sharing and managing optimal and effective internal organizational information.

The company transforms the information management process in organizations, significantly streamlines the management of work processes and enables the adoption of technology for traditional organizations on a large scale.

WiseSight iArgento Private Equity Israel

Smart parking 

WiseSight iArgento Private Equity Israel

WiseSight leads the revolution in creating Smart Cities and how the city's decision-makers react to real events in real-time.


Wisesight's platform allows real-time monitoring of traffic and parking lots and parking spaces around the city in numerous locations through current cameras located around the city. 

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A micro-irrigation platform that utilizes only the energy of gravity to enable smart irrigation.

Sciroot's platform helps cities and farmers to water plants efficiently and accurately, increasing the crops' yields without consuming any additional resources or energy. 

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