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Alternative Assets

A unique investment fund that is disassociated from the fluctuation of stock markets in Israel and around the world.

In the investment world we must act responsibly by spreading risk. Following the realization most investors are primarily exposed to the capital and real estate markets, iArgento decided to create a unique pool of alternative investments. 

iArgento Alternative Assets opened exclusive investment channels to its customers which are generally only accessible to large organizations. By doing so, the fund offers private investors the opportunity to invest in unique instruments in the alternative asset class that were not previously available.

Residential Apartment Building

Yielding Real Estate

IBI Investment House’s ComRIT Fund invests in revenue yielding real estate in the USA. Investments are made in non-tradable, public REIT funds (logistic centers, offices, medical centers, etc.) and dispersed among various different sectors.

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Analysing data

Consumer Debt

An investment fund that handles loans and the management of retail notes through innovative technologies that were developed by its R&D team in the ML and big data fields.

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Senior Programmer

Commercial Debt

A loan fund for high-tech companies in need of financing (instead of raising capital) in order to grow the company’s operations. The fund works with high-tech companies in Israel and overseas.

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Cafe Interior

Yielding Digital Assets

iArgento Digital Assets Fund (e-commerce), trades in multiple online verticals including e-commerce stores, digital shops, content websites, and iArgento managed stores.

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