Management Team


Shai Hod

Shai is iArgento Leading officer, His primary responsibilities include acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors (the board) and corporate operations and being the public face of iArgento.

Shai is a board member of Chakratech & Tuqqi.

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Yiftach Jacob

Yiftach is iArgento's chairman and CFO.

Yiftach is responsible for all of iArgento's investments and financial activities. 

Yiftach is a board member of Ayyeka, Wisesight, and Sciroot. 

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Judith Amselem

Judith is iArgento's Operation Manager, 

Judith runs all of iArgento's projects, events, and investor relations matters. 

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VP Business Dev.

Isaac Sachs

Isaac is iArgento Marketing and Sales Expert.

Isaac leads business development and strategic relationships for iArgento and its portfolio companies.


Before joining iArgento, Isaac held senior positions in business development and strategy across multiple industries in private and public companies

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VP Legal & Regulatory

Shajar Epsztein

Shajar is iArgento leagul advisor and advocate. Shajar is responsible for all leagul matters in the company.

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International Team

VP Argentina

Valerina Karin Silva

1992 Justice employee.
Since 1993 Independent lawyer. Civil law and Commercial Societies.

Holds a B.A degree in Law from Buenos Aires University. 1993
Holds an MBA in the Right of damages from Argentinian Catholic University. 2012

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VP Argentina

Jessica Maria Souss

Since 1993 Independent lawyer and mediator.

International Trade in the textile industry between Argentina and China.

Since 2010 Director at Huvictex.

B.A degree in law from the Buenos Aires University. 1993.
Holds a specialization in family law from the Buenos Aires University. 2005.

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VP Asia

Suraj Badlani

Suraji is iArgento's Partner, Head of Operations Europe & Asia.


Suraji is Chargebacks911 CFO and Head of Corp Dev.

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Azrieli Towers

iArgento Professional Service Providers

Shtainmetz Aminoach and Co. CPA is a leading accounting firm in Israel with seniority of 30 years with a wide range of accounting specialties. The firm is known in Israel as a leader in the field of taxation.

David Ben Yaakov C.P.A. offers professional financial, tax, auditing, consulting and accounting services since 1994.

One of Israel's largest law firms. Goldfarb is among the elite group of firms that deliver top-tier legal services at international standards. 

Wealth Management

Private Equity Banking

iArgento Angels Fund

Limited partnerships



Alternative Investment Management platforms

iArgento Fix-Income Fund

VC Fund - iArgento Growth Tech-Fund







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