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Ayyeka Technologies

A system for data gathering and processing from broad infrastructure systems, such as: water and sewer systems, oil and gas, energy and electricity, air conditioning and engineering structures, which allows for remote control and monitoring. The company has a significant sales volume, partnerships with large companies in the field, and a proven technological advantage over its competitors.


in 2011

Ayyeka was founded by Ariel Stern and Dr. Yair Poleg. Both entrepreneurs have rich technological  and management backgrounds.

Even though 2020 was a challenging year for Ayyeka’s professional and technological staff, the COVID pandemic increased the demand for Ayyeka’s technology. Many municipalities and infrastructure companies had to find remote solutions in order to meet annual objectives, due to significant reductions in workforce.


Ayyeka's headquarters are located in Jerusalem. The company has customers worldwide and a staff of 24 employees. 

In 2021, sales to its five largest customers reached approximately 1.87 Million USD.


In the past year, the company signed strategic partnerships with large players in the field: Schneider Electric, Veolia and BLASS in Chile.


These partnerships generate significant revenues for the company, and Ayyeka projects that sales will significantly increase in the coming years.

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Ayyeka in Action

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