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Making sustainable investing accessible to all.

We invest in sustainable technology that moves society forward in order to create a better future.

About us

iArgento is a multi-family office located in the heart of Jerusalem specializing in wealth management and investment banking.


Our wealth management division offers a plethora of investment opportunities from online assets like digital stores to yielding real estate. 

Every year, our investment banking team hand-picks Israeli high tech startups to invest in and personally mentors each company in our portfolio. iArgento identifies and invests in some of the strongest performers in the startup field each year.  

Our track record for growth is strong.

In the late 90s, as part of its investment banking activity, iArgento led the first and second rounds of financing for Mobileye ($15.3B acquisition by Intel), Volorin, and Ecotest. 


Wealth Management

Financial Planning

We listen to our clients’ needs, wishes, and dreams and craft an individualized investment strategy that matches our clients' risk profiles.


We help our clients map the road to financial freedom and success.  

Alternative Investment Management Platforms

  • iArgento Alternative Asset Fund 

A hedge fund with investment policy focused on debt instruments. Taking a more conservative approach, this fund works to protect capital while aiming for a fixed quarterly return.

  • iArgento Digital Assets                    A hedge fund offering higher growth potential invested in digital assets in the growing online trading world (E-Commerce). This fund actively invests in four verticles: online stores on major e-commerce sites, standalone online stores, content stores, and website development.

Investment Banking Group 

iArgento's investment banking group is focused on Israeli high tech start-ups in the pre-seed to sales/growth stages of development.

We choose high yield companies offering green and sustainable solutions for the changing world. Yiftach and Shai only select start-ups that align with our investment philosophy. To successfully carry out our plan, we have developed the “Milestone Model.”  


In the First Milestone, investment is made by Israeli and foreign Angel investors in start-ups during the pre-seed stage. During the Second Milestone, iArgento High Tech Assets Fund invests in subsequent funding rounds in order to increase support for start-ups once they reach the sales/growth stage of development. 


To further facilitate growth, iArgento actively invests our time and resources to provide startups with a range of services including the financial analysis of target markets, development of a business analysis model, development and consolidation of the IP and know-how strategy, and support in matters related to marketing and investor relations. With iArgento's support, start-ups are more successful and the chances increase of reaching a successful exit. 

iArgento offers its clients

three different paths of investment:​

iArgento First Milestone Fund

The iArgento First Milestone Fund contains over 300 Angels and is growing. It funds target companies during the pilot stage when valuations are low, offering the greatest potential for return on investment.


In pilot stage investments, our years in the business and experience in the field are critical, as companies are still in the development stage. We use our values and investment philosophy to hand-select only the top-performing start-ups. Angels commit to an annual fixed investment. The Fund enables Angels to diversify investments over several projects and continues to expand its portfolio by investing in a new start-up company every year.

Limited partnerships

Part of the First Milestone, LPs allow private investors to invest directly in target companies. Using our investment philosophy we identify companies for investors in the IoT, Agritech, Energy Storage, Smart City and Future of Work fields. These industries are experiencing unprecedented growth by offering technological solutions to traditional infrastructure problems. As a client of iArgento, you will have the ability to invest directly in these companies at a stage that corresponds to your risk level.

Part of the Second Milestone, we are pleased to announce iArgento High Tech Assets recently went public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker IARG. This fund is unique. It offers investors the personal touch of Israeli high tech investments selected and nurtured by Yiftach and Shai, but also the transparency and liquidity of investments traded on the public market. In the first phase, the partnership includes three of startups which iArgento has already actively invested capital and resources into developing. 

iArgento High Tech Assets
Traded Partnership Unit
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