Investment Banking Division 

iArgento acts as an underwriter to private capital raising (Angels Investors) for Israeli based start-up companies from the pre-seed stage to advanced financing rounds.

As part of this activity, iArgento has developed extremely high analytical capabilities both in terms of the technology and of the business aspect of the target companies.

Furthermore, iArgento provides the target companies with a wide range of services including the analysis of target markets,  the development of a business analysis model, the development and consolidation of the IP and know-how strategy, and support in matters related to marketing and investor relations.  

iArgento offers its clients

three different paths of investment:​

Limited partnerships

Integrate private investors into a platform conceived to invest in the target companies on their behalf.


A separate platform (SPV) is established for each company and each round of funding.

iArgento Angels Fund

Designed for private investors (angels) willing to commit to an annual fixed investment.


The continuity enables the diversification of the investment in several projects, while the iArgento Angels Fund continues to expand its portfolio of investment with a new start-up company every year.

Growth Tech Fund

iArgento Growth Tech-Fund, with a capital of approx. $30M aimed to support the target companies during their advanced life stages.  


The Fund will have a ten-year life span and will participate in future rounds of funding of the portfolio's companies alongside additional investors while striving to be a leading shareholder.


IoT - Internet Of Things 

Ayyeka is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology company that provides all-in-one remote monitoring solution.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Chakratec developed an energy storage device which provides optimal solutions for high demand energy.

8 Patents 

Smart Parking 

Smart Cities

Wisesight revolutionises the way cities manage and respond to real events. Currently, being applied in municipalities and local cities parking areas. 

Founded 2011

45 employees

Paying Costumers

Founded 2013

10 employees

Paying Costumers

Founded 2016

10 employees

Paying costumers

Next Round C $80M

The global IoT market is worth $3.8 trillion.

Last Round (C) raised $15M

The global EV charging stations market is worth way above $20 trillion.

Round A

The global parking market is worth $1.5 trillion.

Agri-Tech Agricultar


Sciroot is an agricultural knowledge-management company that provides farmers with precise irrigation knowledge to make crop growth more efficient.

Software information  Virtual working space 

Tuqqi, is a smart digital platform to find, retrieve and deliver information to employees, from internal and external sources, based on their daily tasks and calendar events. 

Founded 2017

10 employees

Paying Costumers

Founded 2016

8 employees

Paying Costumers

Pre-SEED Round  $400k


SEED Round       $2.5M

Ido Hurvits, Anatoliy Sveshnikov,  iArgneto - pre seed, Options

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