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Mountain Cabin

First Milestone Fund


During the past seven years, we carefully selected five groundbreaking technological companies out of the five hundred various investment opportunities we reviewed. All five companies posses breakthrough technologies and highly successful teams.

As part of its investment activity, iArgento provides ongoing support to the startups from the time of creation to the growth and advanced sales stages, while offering direction to senior management. These efforts are intended to help each company maximize the commercial and marketing potential that lies within the development of their technology.




iArgento led the 1st and 2nd rounds of funding for Mobileye, a driver assistance technology. The first round in 1999 was at a $5 million valuation and the second at a $16.25 million valuation. In 2017, Mobileye was acquired by Intel for over $15.3 billion. To date, this remains the largest exit in Israeli history.

That is a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 56% over an 18 year period.

Investing Philosophy

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